Happy National Physics Day!

Some people say that science takes the fun out of life- that things are less interesting if you can explain them.

Those people are entitled to their opinions, but I strongly disagree with them.

Rainbows are still pretty after you’ve learned about diffraction.

Roller coasters are still exciting after you’ve learned Newton’s laws of motion.

Sticking balloons to walls is still fun after you’ve learned about static electricity.

Burning dinner is still easy after you’ve learned about heat transfer.

And spinning around in an office chair is still awesome after you’ve learned about rotational motion.

For me, all of these experiences were intensified after I’d learned the science behind them. If you disagree, I strongly encourage you to follow these instructions:

1) Sit in a spinny office chair.

2) Hold your arms out parallel to the floor.

3) Start spinning.

4) Keep spinning and tuck your arms in by your sides.

5) Now bring them out parallel to the ground again.

Happy National Physics Day!


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